A stunning star-burst of neon light, the sculpture manipulates light and perception, providing a startlingly contemporary counterpoint to the historic crystal chandelier that hangs in the entrance of the 18th century house.

The specially-commissioned intervention is inspired by a painting entitled ‘The Evening Star' (1830) by JMW Turner in the National Gallery, London which shows the moment when day turns into night and the first star of the evening can be seen.

Across the courtyard in the new wing of the Gallery, the artist has created a corresponding light installation in the glass walls of the Loggia called ‘Passing Cloud after Constable'. Using coloured filters on the glass windows, Finch has created abstract layers of colour to change the natural light entering the space and create the effects of passing clouds.

Each installation can be seen from the other, thereby connecting the historic and contemporary architecture and also Finch's inspirations: Turner whose work was concerned with light, and Constable whose work was concerned with shade.