One of the most accomplished, yet frequently overlooked painters of his generation, Tunnard’s paintings were inspired by his many and varied interests including ‘Music and Surrealism’, ‘Nature and Landscape’, and ‘Science and Space Travel’.

‘Inner Space to Outer Space' examines Tunnard's work under these themes, and follows the artist's highly individualistic progression from his early experiments in abstraction to the complex landscapes of the imagination which characterised his later paintings.

Key to Tunnard's work was an exploration of depth and space, and the show maps the artist's journey from the ‘inner space' of the imagination through works such as the Surrealist ‘Fulcrum' (1939, Tate) to his later preoccupation with ‘outer space' in the age of space exploration in the 1960s as depicted in paintings such as ‘In Many Moons' (1966).