Desconocida Unknown Ukjent is an international art project that aims to raise awareness of the fight to address women's abuse, trafficking and murder through embroidery. The starting point for the project is the critical situation in Juarez, a city on the border of Mexico and the USA, where more than 500 women have been found raped, tortured and killed, over the last 13 years, and hundreds have disappeared.

Participants in the project are invited to embroider labels containing the names of the dead and missing women of Juarez. The participants can also embroider a label with the word Unknown in white silk thread as a reminder of the global abuse of women from all societies.

The labels will feature as part of a growing installation to be displayed at Pallant House Gallery in October 2010 as part of the exhibition Contemporary Eye: Crossovers (October 2010-spring 2011) featuring international contemporary artists - such as Grayson Perry, Tracey Emin, Rachel Kneebone, and Laura Ford - exploring traditional craft techniques such as ceramics, textiles, wood carving, glass and taxidermy.