Judy Addison Smith
Keith Allison
Lady Susan Anstruther
John and Annoushka Ayton
David and Elizabeth Benson
Edward and Victoria Bonham Carter
Vanessa Branson
Ronnie and Margaret Brown
Louise Cameron
Keith and Helen Clark
Patrick K F Donlea
Frank and Lorna Dunphy
Linda and Mike Forlan
Lewis Golden
Paul and Kay Goswell
Mr and Mrs Scott Greenhalgh
Mr and Mrs Alan Hill
Andrew Jones and Laura Hodgson
James and Clare Kirkman
Merle Lomas
José and Michael Manser RA
Charles Martin
Keith and Deborah Mitchelson
Robin Muir and Paul Lyon-Maris
Angie O'Rourke
Denise Patterson
Simon and Harriet Patterson
Catherine and Franck Petitgas
Charles Rolls and Jans Ondaatje Rolls
Jackie and David Russell
Sophie and David Shalit
Tania Slowe and Paddy Walker
John and Fiona Smythe
Candida Stevens
John and Susie Wells
Mr and Mrs Michael Weston
Tim and Judith Wise
John Young

and the many other Patrons who wish to remain anonymous.

If you are interested in becoming a Patron of Pallant House Gallery, please contact Elaine Bentley on 01243 770844 or e.bentley@pallant.org.uk.